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My tax preparer stole my refund Form: What You Should Know

Bronx Conviction On Tax Offenses — FBI A criminal tax return preparer was sentenced to more than 7 years in prison for his criminal tax return preparation, money laundering and witness tampering offenses. For more information on how IRS Criminal Investigation works, visit IRS.gov/criminal-investigations.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing My tax preparer stole my refund

Instructions and Help about My tax preparer stole my refund

Police say a traffic stop for an expired vehicle registration revealed an elaborate identity theft scheme police say the suspect got access to victims through her job at a tax preparation service Fox fours Lori brown in studio tonight with more Lori Steve police say well they have been able to find eight victims of the identity theft scheme there could be thousands that's because as a tax preparer shelby sanders had access to thousands of driver's license and social security numbers across nine North Texas Jackson Hewitt locations is there anything illegal with a vehicle anything you should tell us about anything we're gonna find during the tow inventory that you need to let me know about Lisa no Bluemound police or arresting 29 year old Shelby Sanders and driver David Smith for outstanding warrants police say they did find a lot of trash and junk along with and she's got three different IDs of three different people and credit cards when police contacted one of the victims she was confused how the suspect had a copy of her driver's license because she had never lost hers I was like hmm where did I leave my ID and then I look at my curse and my ID is in in my purse he says this is officer Steele what's the Blue Mountain Police Department did you let this woman use her driver's license I'm like no police say Sanders a former tax preparer was able to order replacement drivers licenses for at least eight people police know of so far many of them similar in appearance to the suspect she then had those licenses shipped to an address of her choosing police say this scheme exposes a weakness with the Texas Department of Public Safety and I was really...

FAQ - My tax preparer stole my refund

I am pretty sure I have been scammed by my tax preparer over the past couple of years. Each year heu2019s said I owe thousands in taxes and Iu2019ve been paying it but recently looked at my returns and saw Iu2019ve actually been receiving refunds. What can I do?
I am pretty sure I have been scammed by my tax preparer over the past couple of years. Each year heu2019s said I owe thousands in taxes and Iu2019ve been paying it but recently looked at my returns and saw Iu2019ve actually been receiving refunds. What can I do?nWhat is something that your mother has done that is unforgivable?nWhat are some unethical life hacks?nMy father has been pocketing my tax refunds for the last decade, totaling about $40,000. I don't want to settle this litigiously, but I want my money back. What are my options?nWhat should you do if your ex-spouse filed your income tax return without your consent and steals the refund from your joint account?nDo income tax preparers have a legally-binding duty to follow the IRS code and laws when filing a client's tax return? Why then is there so much fraud or gross negligence committed in this regard, often in the client's favor & without their consent?nWho pursues criminal charges after tax identity theft, the IRS or me? I don't know the person who did it.nIs it possible that Allison Diezani stole all that money alone or is she just the fall guy for a group of people who stole the money?n
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