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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tax preparer filed my taxes without my consent

Instructions and Help about Tax preparer filed my taxes without my consent

A taking action investigation alert tonight on this final week before the tax deadline your income tax refund could get eaten away by excessive fees fees that come as a big surprise tonight we have a warning that could save you hundreds of dollars now and in the future here's what happened after a taxpayer came to a storefront Tax Office last year Tiffany Abrams says she simply wanted a two-hundred-dollar holiday loan often used for quick cash around Christmas in the end she was charged a lot more 861 dollars for a two-hundred-dollar long but after receiving the cash she was surprised to learn the company had filed her federal taxes without her permission 861 dollars deducted directly from her tax refund in fees I never after I didn't know and I have my w-2s right with me I never took him I Debbie tues Tiffany says a December pay stub supplied for the loan was used instead Sue McConnell is with a better business bureau consumers are just surprised at they run into hundreds of dollars and the amounts of fees that are tacked on and of course this is all removed they don't get that in their refund some of the consumers are also complaining similar complaints have caught the eye of federal investigators just the last six months 30 tax preparers nationwide have been shut down the Florida Attorney General's Office tells the i-team there were 94 complaints against tax services statewide in the last two years in February in brooksville and spring hill Hernando County investigators searched 2lbs Tax Services offices that investigation continues so what can you do to protect yourself both the Better Business Bureau and the Florida Attorney General's Office recommends checking with them about complaint histories of tax preparers before you agree to any service also check if the preparer belongs to a state board or association that requires continuing education ask if the business is open year-round and shop around for quotes if you have a tax related complaint or suspect fraud you can contact the attorney general's fraud hotline that information is on our website at ABC Action News calm and there you'll also find the top five most common tax filing mistake.


My husband refuses to file our taxes. Can I bypass him and file without his consent?
My husband refuses to file our taxes? Can I bypass him and file without his consent?Absolutely. If you fail to do so, you are just as guilty of tax evasion as he is.You can file as u201cMarried, filing separatelyu201d. Itu2019s very easy to do. You might, if itu2019s your first time, go to a tax expert such as H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt, for assistance. Itu2019s not expensive and will guarantee that you donu2019t make any mistakes.
Is it legal for a tax preparer to file an extension without your consent?
A federal tax extension can be filed without the taxpayer signing an authorization form as long as there isnu2019t any money due. That answer is for the law. The correct thing to do if the tax preparer expects to get the client to continue using him or her is to let the client know that an extension is going to be filed and why.I say u201cwhyu201d because there are a lot of people who donu2019t realize that all information should be on the tax return. Partnerships, S corporations, and trusts donu2019t always file on time. If you donu2019t have the K-1 from one of those, the personal return should be extended.
The company I work for is taking taxes out of my paycheck but has not asked me to complete any paperwork or fill out any forms since day one. How are they paying taxes without my SSN?
WHOA! You may have a BIG problem. When you started, are you certain you did not fill in a W-4 form? Are you certain that your employer doesnu2019t have your SS#? If thatu2019s the case, I would be alarmed. Do you have paycheck stubs showing how they calculated your withholding? ( BTW you are entitled to those under the law, and if you are not receiving them, I would demand themu2026.)If your employer is just giving you random checks with no calculation of your wages and withholdings, you have a rogue employer. They probably arenu2019t payin in what they purport to withhold from you.
What tax transcript form should I fill out to find my old W2 forms to file for a tax return? -I have not filed before and I'm 53.?
I guess this link answers to your question: Transcript or Copy of Form W-2
I just found out the IRS issued my tax refund today. I filed electronically. Does my tax preparer print my check in his office or is it sent to his office?
Unless you signed up for a Refund anticipation loan - Wikipedia, then your tax refund should come directly to you. The refund will either be a direct deposit if you requested that or it will be a check payable to you mailed to the address on your return.
Can a company take taxes out of my paycheck only having my social security number and without me filling tax forms?
Yes. Most employers are going to require you to complete, sign and hand in the W-4 form *BEFORE* they schedule you for any hours, including training hours. Your failure to comply will in most companies mean you will not be employed and they can fire you with cause. Which a court will uphold as itu2019s a *FEDERAL LAW*.Now that said, *IF* the company takes you on regardless of your failure to fill out the W-4, theyu2019ll simply take out the maximum in taxes.
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